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 Posted: Wed Oct 25th, 2017 10:21 am
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W C Greene

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Well, here I go once more...building (or rather re-building and changing) a new layout. I finally got moved to "the boonies" where life is slower which befits my inherent slowness anyway. Now, I have a 2 car garage (will never be used to house gas guzzlers) which has become my "train domain" and where I have been spending valuable TV watching time (I have a TV out there too). The almost "finished" SCPA&M RR has been taken apart and the sections have been set up similar to the layout I had in the living room but what once fit with one piece now connects with a different piece (or pieces). A track plan will be posted soon as well as "in progress"

After deciding to "come back" to Texas and modeling a railroad that my friend James Sullivan wanted to create (James is now into HO diesels and English steam, what a combination!), I present the theme of the new layout.
Yes, the same old SCPA&M lokies, rolling stock, track layout (well, the enginehouse and yards) and some of the structures will be reused, re-purposed, and generally left alone.
Here's a link to Silver City Narrow Gauge layout that I was building, it may be helpful to see where this all started.
Why Big Bend (a wild and wooly area that runs along the Rio Grande River which is the boundary between the US and Mexico)...well, just because I want to model it!. Future posts will reveal my fascination with this place.
I actually wanted to build a layout in the Bend when I built the old Mogollon Railway but was "hooked" on the area of New Mexico where the old town is located. More on this later on also. Much to do and relate but as for now, I am back home in Texas, railroad-wise.


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