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 Posted: Thu Oct 26th, 2017 01:16 am
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Hi James and all, I am not sure if I agree or disagree with what you have said, though what was said has merit.  I have 38 locos of various types and the batteries have not been the issue, nor the space.  With that said I have put them in kit bashed HO to On30 locos and straight on On30 locos.  I still think that the problem for this type of loco control was more the fear mongers and naysayers, who instilled fear of exploding batteries.  I also think it is easier to say why something doesn't work, then to try and make it work, then add on the complexities of making it do more then it was designed for.  My approach to model railroading was to first have fun, then closely followed by entertaining the creative side of my modeling, and then to keep it simple.  I did have DCC at one time but when I was introduced to battery r/c, it was a game changer.  My On30 railroad fills 95% of a 1200 square foot basement, I have two operating groups that come here every month for a day long ops session, and I have had only one guy complain about the battery system.. He did leave but I think he had his on agenda and used the battery as an issue.  I also think the best thing we can do is to promote this, explaining all of the advantages, why you can do a loco at a time an not interfere with your existing system, and take every opportunity to show the uneducated masses.  I did, I have written and had published two articles in Narrow Gauge Downunder and have been to many shows and mini meets showing what we are doing.Well, that's my opinion and I wish you and everyone else a great day and happy modeling.Steve  

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