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 Posted: Thu Oct 26th, 2017 05:47 am
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As old Bob would say-"come on down (or up)" I was in hell (Dullass) today and it sucks as bad as ever!

To the BIG BEND, of course there were no railroads there except for some mine trams and a cool aerial tramway over to Boquillas in Mehico. Therefore, I figger that my track plan and general idea will become "the prototype". I will go back to my roots of making a layout that is pure fiction, I found (well, I already knew) that following a prototype can become a real hassle unless you are prepared to surrender your vision. Many can do that but I ain't one.
Who's to say that the guys who built the SCPA&M didn't look further south after the New Mexico 2 footer closed up in 1907? It was done many times when mines played out and others looked promising. The Big Bend area had been mined for centuries before railroads were around and there are still some old prospector types in them hills today. Gold, silver, mercury, and some others are found in "the Bend" and one other commodity which is/was profitable-the processing of candelaria plants into wax which was used for lubricants,
polish, and, yes, candles. Matter of fact, the snooty "new age" types still love the candles made from the plant to add "atmosphere" to their million dollar homes.

Matter of fact, here's a photo of a real wax factory taken in about 1918. Imagine what a cool model that would be! I may in fact build something like this for the layout. The metals smelter is way too large for a proper operation in 1:35 but this could be modeled.
The little book BIG BEND: A history of the last Texas frontier  by Ronnie Tyler (shown in the first post) is a National Park handbook and most of the photos shown (like this one) are not credited and are "public domain". There are more photos...many more...which will be shown later on.
Here is a link from Wikipedia which has some neat info about the area.
More stuff and some actual modeling coming up soon.

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