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 Posted: Tue Oct 31st, 2017 01:02 am
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Hello Geoff,

This is the power chassis for my Athearn GP35, about the same size as the GP9. It's has a Hobbytown frame, trucks and gear tower and I'm using a 12v can motor with Athearn or A-Line flywheel. 

Upstream is a Panasonic 18650 3,400mAh Li-ion battery, Radio Shack SPST on-off switch, 5v DC-DC voltage regulator, and DelTang Rx61-2 Rx/ESC. Works very well and running it now about 2+ years. 

The China-made voltage regulator will be replaced with a Pololu 9v regulator. Fiber optic lighting and induction charging will be added to complete the model. The model is shown in the next post...can't seem to load two photos on the same post!


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