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 Posted: Sat Nov 4th, 2017 08:21 pm
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" The results show an obvious problem with the forum software."

Hi Bernd :wave:

I'm sorry, but your conclusion that the Forum software is at fault, makes no sense.

You can't say there is 'an obvious problem' ...

... without knowing WHAT that alleged problem IS.

You Quoted in Post-4 ... and all the correct formatting was present.

You Quoted in Post-8 ... and clearly the correct formatting is not there.

Nothing has changed here at this end.

So what have YOU done differently, in the mean time ?

Or what has your BROWSER done differently, in the mean time ?

Possibly entirely randomly as well.

I can only guess at this, but it seems that under certain circumstances ...

... YOUR browser/computer is messing with how stuff is displayed.

I had some kind of weird problem a couple of years ago, with something browser/computer related.

I obviously have no idea whether this would work for you ...

... but after DELETING and then reinstalling my browser software ...

... the problem was GONE.

It seems that Herbs issue was to do with a similar situation ...

... after his browser had later auto-updated ( ie. reloaded ) his problem was mysteriously GONE.

Again NOTHING to do with the Freerails Forum software.

It seems to me that there is something 'random' affecting things for you.

I have to say, I have NEVER seen a 'Quote' come up before ...

... without a white-box around it.

On BOTH of your 'Quotes' there is NO white-box.


Seems like it is another formatting problem, probably originating from your browser/computer ...

... since to my knowledge, I don't believe I've seen that elsewhere ever.

Are you running decent quality & up to date 'Anti-Virus Software' on your devices ?

It can be the case that such intentionally annoying things, such as low-level viruses & mallware etc. ...

... can and DO often simply mess with things, such as formatting & mouse operation etc.

They can latch onto & change somethings, like preferences & such stuff in browsers.

Such a virus or mallware etc. may not still be present & detectable either ...

... they can do their dirtywork & just vanish without a trace.

Just so as to avert any MASS PANIC before any other rumours get started.


But ...

... it is VERY possible to get such things from zillions of other online sources.




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