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 Posted: Sun Nov 5th, 2017 09:17 pm
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Go straight to the top of the class that man !

There are just no standards these days !! :old dude:

:brill: :brill: :brill: :brill: :brill:

I'm not sure if those 5 Einsteins are coming out properly spaced ?

Maybe I'm just properly spaced.

I can't tell for sure though.

I have a huge rusting pile of old historical computers in the garage.

A collection of 40 or so Operating-Systems, for about 1/2 a dozen different platforms.

I'm gonna run the Einstein spacing equation through all possible combinations.

I'll start a Thread on it in about 20 years, if they haven't nailed my lid on by then.

In the meantime ...

... I think I'll just Post some stuff about my toy trains.

I had a few minutes spare time today, not thinking about computer problems.

So as long as North Korea don't vaporize me in the next few hours ...

... I'll try and Post something.




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