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 Posted: Fri Nov 10th, 2017 07:25 am
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Hi Bernd :wave:

I am actually messing about with those parts at the moment.

Including removing the 'FlySky' receivers plastic casing.

They need to fit in a Porter tender, under construction at present.

But before trimming any wires, or changing any connectors ...

... I decided that a 'spaghetti bench test' would be wise.

The 2 pairs of red & black wires emerging from the E.S.C. for the battery & motor are ...

... cable-plug is for the battery ...

... cable-socket is for the motor.

The 3-way white/red/black wires emerging from the E.S.C ...

... should be connected to the 'FlySky' receivers Channel-2, observing correct polarity.

The single pair of red/red wires emerging from the E.S.C. ...

... terminates in a cable mounted general on/off switch.

I actually don't know what the switch on the P.C.B. is for.

But it MAY be an on/off switch for a 'brake' function.

Which if true, will have little effect for trains on either setting.

When the stuff is wired on the bench, I'll flip it and see !



The battery & motor connectors will both be discarded, as they are quite large.

I might use the on/off switch perhaps.

The 3-way white/red/black cable-socket, may get cut off & wires soldered directly to the receiver.

At £3.84p inc. P&P for the 'Flysky' receiver ...

... & only £2.54p inc. P&P for the E.S.C. ...

... experimentation is a low-cost risk !


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