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 Posted: Fri Nov 10th, 2017 06:09 pm
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Si. wrote:Hi Bernd :wave:

I am actually messing about with those parts at the moment.

Including removing the 'FlySky' receivers plastic casing.

Same here. Still waiting for the batteries.
I'm installing one in an HO old Blue Box Atheran F7 A & B.
The battery pack is a N/MHi 6 volt battery pack.

Thanks for the answer to what wires are what, I knew the three wires go to the receiver.
Was confused as to the other two with the cable plug and socket.
I figured that the switches are as you say. Just needed to confirm that. Thanks.
Going to do the same with the connectors.

One thing that doesn't seem clear is the binding plug.
On the PDF instruction sheet on this system it shows the binding plug plugged into where the battery power should be plugged into.
What's your take on that?


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