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 Posted: Tue Nov 14th, 2017 12:58 am
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Kevin Fall


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Greetings from Moodus, CT (home of eastern micro earthquakes)
I know, where the heck is Moodus anyway?
Moodus is short for the Native American word "machimoodus" which means "the place of bad noises".

Not to worry because we are 3 miles from the fault line and the last major earthquake was on May 16, 1791!
I hope we are not overdue.
Although, we did have a small one in 2015 a half mile away but we slept through it.

Having viewed this forum for several years I bravely decided to add my name to those on the other side of the tracks.

I am modeling a freelanced C&S /Gilpin in the year 1918 which allows me to model one of my favorite stamp mill scenes,
the Iron City/Penn (Rose-City Ore Company) mill in Black Hawk and some mines in the Clear Creek area.
Though freelanced, I am trying to use mostly C&S buildings and bridges to get the general feeling of the area.
I have built a cardboard mockup of the mill as it appeared in 1918 which comes out roughly to 3 feet in HO scale (yikes!).
I imagine the ore cars will be pulled by horses at this point or the Fordson used by the mill.

Rail will be code 55 on handlaid ties for the C&S with Gilpin mill trackage code 40.
I am only at the beginning stages: benchwork done, backdrop painted just blue so far,
and all ties have been laid but only a short section of rail (This winter's project).

The 13 x 21 layout is in the basement and some scenery has been started with foam board and sculptamold.

I have been following Keith's forum on the Gilpin and since he is getting close to my mill I figured now was the best to join.
I partially started and stopped two layouts in my younger years but family life kind of took over.
Now I finally have some spare time to really do something.
Pressure, pressure!
And yes, I am hoping to prove to everyone that HOn3 C&S engines can really run!

Anyway, thanks for letting me join.


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