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 Posted: Wed Nov 15th, 2017 10:24 pm
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I grew up in Florida and I never heard of this until I moved to the Pacific NW. High Schools in Washington and Oregon still have these dances.

My wife is from there and was surprised when I asked where what the deal was. I knew the name of the character right away, so she knew about the concept and not the reason for the name, and I knew the opposite.

I was terribly geeky in high school but I found that years later, a pal of mine form school went to our 10 year reunion (I never would have gone anyway but I was off on Army training at the time) and he found out a few of the girls we went to school with told him they had a thing for me but never said anything back then. Geeky, yes, but still well-known as I was the cartoonist for the school paper and won all kinds of art awards back then.

To this day, I wonder what might have happened had they had Sadie Hawkins Day where I lived. But I know no matter what alternate reality, I couldn't be better off than where I am with my wife today!

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