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 Posted: Mon Nov 20th, 2017 03:14 am
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Alan Sewell


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I have just joined Freerails after some prompting from member Reg Hearn.
So thought I would give a heads up on who I am what do I model.

So I am Alan Sewell, married with three grown and flown children and live in Hertford UK about 20 miles north of London.
I have been semi-retired for the past five years but still do some work as an accountant/ consultant to a transport museum.
My modelling, and railfan, experience goes back to the mid-1960’s when I visited the slate quarries in North Wales, and then other industrial railroads in the UK and Europe and got hooked on this type of operation.

This using UK equipment was never satisfactory, but then I discovered North American prototypes and especially logging/short line railroads and HO scale equipment.
I have now been building my home logging empire, Andrews Lumber Co in various forms for over thirty years.
This is now an HO-scale freelance standard-gauge logging and forest products railroad, based on the operations, equipment etc. used by the Simpson Timber Co and the Weyerhaeuser Co in western Washington.

I have assumed that the company operates a large sawmill and pulp mill on the north bank of the Columbia River, a few miles downstream from Longview WA.
A logging railroad runs from this into the coastal mountains, in area in which the Long-Bell and Crown Zellerbach companies ran railroad logging operations until the 1950's.
The mill's finished products are shipped out on the company's own shortline, interchanging with the BN/NP, MILW & UP mainline from Seattle to Portland at Longview Junction.

In the real world, Andrews Lumber Corporation exists in a 14 x 12 conversion to our loft.
Trackwork is largely complete and most scenery complete in the mill area.
I can operate in what I hope is a prototypical manner using Lenz DCC.
This is presently in a late 50’s early 60’s timeframe using mainly first generation diesels, but with some steam hanging on in log spur/work train roles.

The main headquarters camp and the shortline/Class I railroad junction are still in the plywood pacific stage as I had to them  tear down to do some re-working but I hope to get back to scenery during the next year.
I also intend to run more modern operations (say 1970-now) as well and have alternative Andrews Forest Products units to work this.

I guess this is not the usual “rolling rust bucket" narrow gauge logging layout, but I am interested (my wife might say obsessed) with building and operating in a prototypical manner and collecting information is important.
I have been to the Pacific Northwest on four occasions in 1989/1999 and 2007/2015 visiting Simpson at Shelton, Weyerhaeuser at Longview and Klamath Falls and the Western Forest Products Englewood railroad on Vancouver Island as well as a number of smaller operations.

These visits have helped me understand how logging railroads operated, as well as giving the perspective which you get from seeing the real thing.
A big bonus was spending some time with John Henderson and following this with almost weekly e-mails.
His death left a big hole in the knowledge of logging and I lost a friend as well.

I know Reg has posted some recent photos of my modelling and I will hope to share progress or not with the group.
Hope this is of interest and I will be able to contribute in the future.

Best wishes

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