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 Posted: Tue Nov 21st, 2017 02:30 am
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Alan Sewell wrote:
This is now an HO-scale freelance standard-gauge logging and forest products railroad, based on the operations, equipment etc. used by the Simpson Timber Co and the Weyerhaeuser Co in western Washington.

Welcome to the forum!

Sadly, Simpson abandoned their railroad operations out of Shelton not long ago and Weyerhaeuser did the same out of Longview.
I live in this general area, and it's sad to watch the last two logging railroads in the US stop running.

There's a group looking to run trains out of Shelton on Simpson's tracks.
They have some passenger cars stored at Chehalis (on the former Milwaukee Road tracks),
waiting for a time when the Puget Sound and Pacific RR can get them out there.
They have at least one of the SW switchers donated to their effort by the company that owns Simpson.
The roundhouse in Shelton is still there, but probably not for much longer.

And of course, I model a RR on the opposite side of the country!

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