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 Posted: Tue Nov 28th, 2017 01:59 am
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Well, the first building for the Henderson Bay Branch has been completed.

We (the grandkids and I) are building the structures first so that we can arrange them the way we like and plan the track around them.  Definitely the first time I have built a layout this way.

I have been in the hobby for more decades than I care to count.  This is the first plastic structure I have ever built.  It is a Walthers Cornerstone kit.  Having built plastic models of other things (cars, boats, rolling stock, airplanes) I can say that this kit is very good quality.

With a bit of paint and some weathering, plus a few additional details, this could be a model as good as any craftsman kit.   This structure is built right out of the box.  For the first time in my many years of model railroading, reaching a certain level of layout completion is a primary goal.

The only difficulty I had in assembly had to do with the brick colored parts.  The acetone (which I have used for many decades in building styrene models from scratch) did not bond the brick colored parts.  It worked fine on everything else. 

So I picked up a quart of MEK.  That worked.

Here is the crew at work...

One other objective of using the plastic kits is the minimal need for tools.  We (I) can work on the card table in the family room instead of being sequestered in the basement or the shop. 

Now we need to start on the next structure.  There will be a total of five, at least to start, at the west end of the layout.

I haven't assigned town names yet.  I have made a change in the concept from the On30.  That plan included the entire railroad.  The small narrow gauge shortline could be justified by the traffic generated by the industries on the layout.

The HO version will need justification for longer trains.  So the west end of the layout will not be the west end of the railroad (Henderson).  There will be a kind of interchange track at the west terminus of the layout to park rolling stock destined to go further west to Henderson. That operational concept is similar to Puget Sound & Pacific operations where Elma serves somewhat like a division point.  Trains come from the interchange with the BN at Chehalis and go to Elma, where they can either go west to Aberdeen, or northeast to Shelton, Bremerton and Bangor.  Adopting this operational model justifies more traffic than can be accounted for by the industries actually modeled on the layout.

So I need three place names in addition to Henderson.  I want to use names from the original NP Raymond branch.  They give a sense of place, plus there are colorful names from which to choose:  Pe Ell, LeBam, Mox, Malone, as well as some less colorful: Oakville, Rochester. 


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