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 Posted: Tue Nov 28th, 2017 09:43 pm
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Nice trackwork Dan.

Any particular reason for using 5mm foamboard underneath the cork ?  I'd thought of doing similar but I was concerned about the foamboard getting crushed after a few weeks ops and "accidents". I made up up a small section of track to try it out but was surprised to find the noise level was higher with the foamboard - maybe my particular style of track laying. Or maybe Starbucks ties are louder than AnyOtherBurger's ??

I see you are using the "moveable sleeper/tie" method of operating stretcher bar. I've tried various other methods in 43.5:1 Brit O gauge but none look totally right. I'm currently working in 48:1 On30 "Bachmann" gauge (31.2") and the moveable tie seems to be the only strong operating stretcher bar.  Have you any other ideas ? 

Regards,   Michael

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