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 Posted: Mon Dec 18th, 2017 02:03 am
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I wanted to share some of my work on my geared scratchbuild/kitbashed locomotives. I will do it in 2 posts if ever the computer thinks it is time to crash.

This 2-truck 6-axle shay is based on a Willamette drawing found here :

Victim(s) for this kitbash were the Bachmann shays. This one was a little more work than just using 2 tender to make one 2-truck tender. This was also my most modified one until then.

Making the trucks. The frames are simply glued together

Getting the parts for the frame

Frame pieces glued together

Meanwhile the 2 boiler-halves were also glued

Gears installed

Some paint

The finished and painted locomotive. I have no side view of the shay just painted but a video instead:

Here the final weathered product

My friend Paul already posted about this shay:

Because I broke a frame of the front truck I had to redo that one but instead of using glue I used screws and in addition to that I reworked the coal bunker because it looked not good. (no pictures of the truck while reworking it)

Here how she looks now.


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