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 Posted: Mon Dec 18th, 2017 02:22 am
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Here my latest creation and also the one that took the most time. I thought it was one year ago I began with this one but it is already 2 years now.

Most won't even know that this loco really existed. Only 5 were build.
Information about this great locomotive can be found here:

When I first saw the picture I thought I got to have one like this but nobody makes one in HO in fact it does not exist as model at all. So I had to build one myself because you don't see one often or never.

Biggest problem was the driveline. I didn't want to have a driveshaft running under the frame like on the PFM Vulcan Duplex. PFM made a nice loco but for that price the driveshaft under the loco is unacceptable for ME. It is not a Climax nor Heisler nor any geared steam locomotive which has a driveshaft under the frame, so NO DRIVESHAFT under the frame. Well, not an easy task getting adequate seized drivers,trucks to fit them in and cylinders not to mention the idler crank has to spin faster than the drivers.

So I killed a few locos to build the drive. I used 2 Meyer Idler gearboxes. In first place I made my own out of brass but they failed horribly. So Rivarossi offered the gearboxes.

This beauty is made out of parts of:

Bachmann Shay (Bunker and all the parts on the Boiler)
Bachmann Climax (Cab)
Rivarossi Meyer (Gearboxes, water hatches, cylinders, rods which were modified)
Rivarossi 3rd gen. Heisler (trucks, drivers and front light, coal bin 2 of them glued together)
PSC Shay (Air tank)

Boiler is a piece of copper piping. Frame, parts of the trucks, some piping and grab Irons are brass. The rest of the needed parts come from the scrap box.

I had to redo the motormount 3 times because one was too weak the other too long and the third was ok.
Oh yes, I know, measure twice cut once, that does not always work for me.

All the brass parts were painted with 2K-Urethane RAL 9005 paint (except grab rails) the rest was done with Testors gloss black and then everything coated with dullcoat followed with some weathering protected with another coat of dull clear.

The model is NOT an exact prototype copy because of technical reasons, the locomotive would have been too long to fit everything to it.

Pictures will follow


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