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 Posted: Mon Dec 18th, 2017 03:25 am
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Here as promised the pictures of the Davenport geared duplex build. (description in previous post)

Here the trucks I first intended to use but with smaller drivers. AWFUL!
I needed to get something better.

This was the beginning of trial and error but it began to get good.

Here you see very good the "magic". 1 wormgear drives the counterweight crank, the other the drivers. Basically 1 1/2 Heislertruck. 1st and 2nd gen Heislers had metal wormgears which drove the wheels twice as fast as 3er and 4th gen models. So i have a gearing of 2:1, exactly what i needed. The crank sits in a Heilser truck cut in half.
You will also notice the coupler box comes from a Climax. I made some of brass afterwards because the couplers were way too low like this.

After I found out that my idler gearboxes had a flaw and were binding, I modified those from Rivarossi to fit my trucks. The counterweight from a 45-ton switcher was dumped and replaced with a slice of brass.

The brass frame

The ashpan is hollowed out to fit the decoder later

this was to give me some motivation

The trucks with some brass as cover for the gears.

The boiler. I first made one out of 3 pieces of copper piping (right) but I had to take the one on the left to fit over the idler gearbox. The taper on the right one was better. I used the one that would fit and fill some solder over the area where needed.

Test-fit!? Yes it fits. Next step please.

Drilling the holes for some domes and other parts

Adding the bands, to be precise soldering them.

Now we are getting somewhere. Some more motivation. It looks like a steamer.

Comparing to the 6-axle shay

And here before painting. Steampunk?

The painted parts (except the ones in the box). Also important to me was, that it had to be maintenance-friendly, so 95% of the parts are held with screws. Parts glued: air tank, ladders, pipe to the steam dome, boiler cover, sand boxes, bell and generator.

And finally:

The windows in the cab look like painted black but it is just the black tape inside the cab. Lights aren't installed yet. I also filled the bunker with pieces of lead, some lead is glued inside the cab roof and in the front portion of the boiler.

(side note: some things had to be adapted to make it a running Davenport resulting in, that some parts are NOT like in the patent drawings like the steam piping or else  the trucks could not pivot enough)

the video:

It also runs as good in the other direction.


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