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 Posted: Tue Dec 19th, 2017 04:33 am
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Steven B wrote: Alain, you are a true craftsman.  :pimp:

It is a joy to watch the progress on your creations. Thanks or sharing.  I hope to get back to work on projects soon.  The creative juices of others really makes my fingers itch to cut, slice and dice.

W C Greene wrote: This thread is very impressive as are the locomotives. This lets me remember the art of Mr. Bill Schopp. That gent did the same type of "mingling and fixing" as Alain. Schopp used available brass locos for his jobs, remember that a brass PFM Shay or Climax, etc. was priced around $50 to $70 then (1960's). I am sure some of you guys remember Mr. Schopp, I know Herbie does!


Thank you very much.

I saw the one or the other work from Mr. Schopp on the net. I was pretty impressed by the L1 Camelback.


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