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 Posted: Tue Dec 19th, 2017 06:15 am
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Has anyone any opinions or knowledge of the value of wheel tyre coning in On30 (48:1 U.S. 'O' Gauge) ??. 

Does anyone know what the U.S. NMRA recommend regarding tyre profile ?

The following photos are of some wheels off a recently acquired wreck of Si's favourite Brand (Tri-orrible) that is currently going through the Salada Wagon Works shop as part of a recent crazy new scheme dreampt up by the Chavez Extension Directors.

The universal wheel/axle press :

The 'axle' diameter is rather weird - approx 0.0184 ", possibly because it is plastic ?.

This required a new mandrel turning to 0.0185 ". Tyre runout was variable but averaged about .0018 " but sometimes > .002 ". :

The tyre had almost zero coning, about .0005 - .001 ", probably due to wear rather than design.

So, should I cone the tyre or just true it up & reduce the flange thickness (way over even Mr Badmann's limits)  ??.   

Regards,    Michael

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