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 Posted: Tue Dec 19th, 2017 09:20 pm
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" In the small scales ( everything that runs indoors ) coning is just for optical appearance."

Not according to the N.M.R.A.s legendary spec. 'RP25' it isn't ! :old dude:

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Hi Michael :mex:

Way back when, in 1876, when Si.s favourite brand 'Tri-orrible' were simply just G & J Lines ...

... routing rocking-horses outta M.D.F. ...

... and the scurge of squirted-styrene, was just a 'Salada Wagon Works' NIGHTMARE ! :w:

Little did the Bros. know that Albert freakin' Einstein was gonna come along a century later, with his quantum dial-gauge ! ;)

If you'd mentioned RP25, DCC, 4G, WIFI, M25, LIPO etc. etc. ...

... they'd probably be tryin' to hoik out the b.din' sawdust from their lug'oles mate ! :dope:

Maybe you should go for the Bill Schopp 'Wonky'(TM) Patent elliptical drive !  :-

" Oh! I remember reading a 50s/60s, Model Railroader where he scratchbuilt a B&O 0-4-0T C-16 Docksider in the 1/43 flavor of O scale ...
and to give that rocking rolling ... because of very short wheelbase effect,
he drilled one driver with axle hole something like 1/64 or 1/32 off center."

BTW Sal. ... What the hell is that crappy cheapo plastic shaft & gear you've got there ? :shocked:

All my top quality vintage 'Tri-orrible' has Real-Metal(TM) drive components ! :P




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