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 Posted: Wed Dec 20th, 2017 05:11 am
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To answer you more fully I only THINK this junk that Fleabay sent me for a few pennies is Tri-orrible, it was invoiced as "Triang-Hornby" X-3170 (if that means 'owt ?). The motor & truck frame has no name anywhere.

The armature magnet is an enormous old horseshoe type, couldn't attract swarf from more than about 0.001 " distance. But turn the Volts up to about 16 on a 2A supply and the commutator bursts into a shower of sparks as the thing shoots off the end of the workbench. So there is life of sorts in there somewhere, but not necessarily as we know it Jim. I'm hoping a DCC motor chip & a good overhaul will improve it.

Currently (?!) it is a total fail through the Chavez track switches, hence it's early listing for an 'Intermediate Heavy' in the S.W.W. wheel shop.

There are also 2 much stronger magnets, 1 next to each axle. Probably too far from the commuwhatsit to contribute to any of Mr Faraday's torque ?. Some sort of magnetic track adhesion maybe ? - but surely only effective with steel track ?. Dunno.

Yep, the axle is squirted styrosh*te of some sort, but it does have a lovely helical cut worm gear moulded into it. If I wasn't a lazy sod I'd bore out the placky gear & stick it onto a proper Real-Metal (TM) shaft. Maybe I will if it plays up.

I've "invested" in it purely as a test bed for 'Project X', the Chavez Director's crazy new traction/gauge/business idea (still secret until the poor old Sal.Wag.Works staff try to turn their craziness into some viable form of traction power). Too much said already !.

The puzzled postman (more used to delivering my tax demands) has also delivered a few other "investments" in the last few days. All mostly semi-functioning junk but from a sow's ear may emerge a ......?

Regards,     Michael


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