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 Posted: Thu Dec 21st, 2017 02:28 am
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Probably the only full spec RP-25 ex Tri-Orrible wheels in the world.........? :

No running test yet (later) - but we'll now see if tyre coning makes any difference. My hunch is it can't make things can't worse.

The reason I left the flange depth slightly oversize was to leave 'some meat' on the flanges when it came to machining the flange edge radii, R2 & R3 in above RP-25 diagram. Turning 0.018" radii is not really tooled up for 'out the drawer' in the SWW machine shop.

Thanks again to Helmut & Si. (any idea if them thar KD wheels are available in the Y.U.K. ?).

Thanks James, but as Helmut explained, I am working in 48:1 but using HO track standards (poor man's option but I have plenty else to waste my dosh £ on. I also have my local barman & his family to support). So pure HO stuff is way too small for U.S. 'O' Gauge.

Regards,  Michael

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