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 Posted: Tue Jan 2nd, 2018 07:28 am
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Ken C

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Far better idea to correct it on paper, then get caught
when building, I've had that happen. I can enjoy Winters that the coldest it's get's is 12C. Don't worry to much about dirt roads, the pot holes in the pavement here are bad enough, will get worse as the frost comes out of the ground!

At least today it reached -9C, first time in 2 weeks it has got warmer then -24C. Should be on the plus side tomorrow.

Need to finish packing away my XMAS layout and equipment, get my work table cleared and complete a couple of project's. Need to finish a Rotary Snow Plow, and a Boxcar,
then move on to a couple more, maybe even start a new layout.


Ken Clark
real men don't use instructions. they are only
the manufacturers opinion on how to put the thing together!
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