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 Posted: Tue Jan 2nd, 2018 03:26 pm
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Hi Ken, how was new year see it in, we didn't, my wife woke up midnight and heard fireworks in the distance,if the people get caught cop a heavy fine 

I decided to make a start on drawing up the bow of the ship, actually I wasn't far off with guessing, bow floor plan .

Year will have redraw the stern forgetting the upper deck floor framing, 13 mm's, has happened to me too.

Wow will the snow plow actually work, I like seeing them in action a model even better, 
that is a degree colder to what we dropped down to last winter, where are you on the forum haven't come across your post.

Forgot to ask you with the snow on the roof of houses is there any problems weight wise.
I have being   looking for a replacement station complex  for my layout since I wont be modelling Sydney Central, came across a modeler in MR's  Great Model railroad 2013,his station is modeled on New Orleans Union Passenger Station.

Blokes layout is called Mississippi, Alabama and Gulf, be nice if the bloke is a member of this forum, and the layout is still running by Cliff Powers.
I will still have a lower street level for a bus terminal and side car park and yes New Orleans has a tram terminus mine be in the front like Sydney and difference a through station and third freight line.

Will probable never complete Sydney central, with the added cost of the more modules track points and wiring, do with what I have already and complete this layout.
It is still sticky here, had a storm with heavy  rain, one yesterday and again tomorrow, wont need to water the garden and grass.

Tony from hot down under.

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