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 Posted: Wed Jan 3rd, 2018 09:44 pm
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Ken C

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Pretty quiet New Year, watched a movie.

Hopefully I can get the blade to operate, one of those hindsight thing's should have installed the drive before
adding the body:bang:. Not likly I will try to plow snow though!!

I've only had 1 experience with clearing snow of a roof.
A friend, who had overseen the construction of a replica
construction of a the station building in Sandon BC.
He asked me if I would clear the eves off as they were starting to bow due to snow load, so I went up from his house at 1700FT with no snow to Sandon at 3500Ft. The packed snow was just over 4 Ft in height. The weather was pleasant though,took 3 days but I got carried away and cleared the whole roof, figured there was close to 35 ton's of snow, most would slide off as it was popped loose. By the time I finished I could step off the roof to onto the piled snow.

As far as here in Calgary the snow is slowly melting, should hit +5C later today, currently at-9C.


Ken Clark
real men don't use instructions. they are only
the manufacturers opinion on how to put the thing together!
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