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 Posted: Thu Jan 4th, 2018 10:58 am
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Tony M

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Late evening Ken, Ipswich council fire works was canceled to bad storms, getting quite every year now, perhaps everyone from Ipswich is going in to see Brisbane's fire works.

Looks like the roofs frame work has to be pretty strong to handle the  weight, I thought snow was very light.

It is the silly month fro TV showing over here at the moment, all the reality shows are coming back on end of January, I am getting ready bought the first series and series 2 ofDavid Attenborough's Planet Earth, his Blue Planet 11 is coming on TV as well, like doco's.

It is warming up pretty quick over there , see what you mean, looking forward to next week, it won't start cooling down mid March here.
Gee house is pretty high, is it a two story, did you walk off the roof onto the piled up snow , was  there that much.
Well under way in drawing the bow of the ship, haven't done any drawing today, after tea I will be cutting back a vine and replanting it into a pot, not bad for 37 yeas old, give and take.
Bought some bolts to make my adjustable saw horses want to get them finished, recycled timber from my son's computer table, have to do some wiring on a station module that hasn't got bus wires yet, the one that feed out to the main control panel.

Tony from hot down under

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