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 Posted: Sun Jan 7th, 2018 03:45 am
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Tony M

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Afternoon Ken, yeah just checked up your time zone, be about 3pm  yout time, only 8 hour days, does i it get any shorter that that.

Has the weather too , -4 C Sunday, snow in September, with that freak storm, what are the summer months like.

Must be pure awesome  to see the trees on the mountains.

I be looking forward to see what you be modelling on your new layout, that is all I have on other layouts as well is just track ans station platforms. Last layout was continuous running two levels,stat at one platform and end up on another, then I discovered garden railway.

How is your  lake freighter going, I have being busy in the drafting department upscaling to 1/87 scale from the plan the last couple of days, getting close to actually building the model starting on the bow, ship is in 4 sections joining them together.

We  are coping a heat wave this week, days have being 33 degrees C and humid tomorrow 35 C  up higher Tuesday, be like this all week no work outside, late afternoon is good but site humid, good time to work on projects inside.

When I start building the ship will start a new thread, building a water line model first,second model will have a full hull for radio control , model ships being my new side line hobby, replacing woodturning,don't have the wood lather anymore.

Forgot to add the plan is on two A/3 size paper joined together, the length of the plan is 537.5 mm's by 4 to 2.150 metres huge ship., be an awesome site in the water.

Tony from hot downunder.

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