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 Posted: Mon Jan 8th, 2018 03:46 am
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I have seen the news on TV this morning and it mentioned the extreme weather we are having around the world.Sydney Australia had a high temperature of 47.5c,that's 117. f and yet on the other side of the world -38.f is being experienced.What an amazing difference.I can't help thinking about what the difference in temperature makes to trackage on my layout.I have track move side ways and even lift upwards.That was even after expansion gaps were cut into the track.So how does the extreme cold effect trackage from your normal summer temperature to the cold winter months? I'm asking just as a matter of interest,as I had to take into account the expansion problem when building the layout,(rail expansion and timber frame contraction)but is it an issue in other parts of the world in relation to extreme cold. ...............Peter.    :old dude:

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