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 Posted: Thu Jan 11th, 2018 05:13 am
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Hi Jose :wave:

You know that muffled sound, you sometimes hear behind your HUGE stash of kits ? ???

You can't see where it's coming from, the acoustic-barrier is far too big for that.

But when the kit stack was smaller ...

... you remember, it was THE MRS. ! saying :- [whack]

That yard-work you were supposed to do last week dear ?

or ... Those shelves that still need putting up for my shoes ?

You think ...

... maybe, just maybe, just 1 more kit & it could be acoustically perfect !


I had a look on eBay, as you do.


I've already promised, absolutely NO MORE kit buying !!

But I saw a BARGAIN ! :)

It isn't quite 'mint in box'. :f:

Not started by the owner ...

... but opened by the mouse in his loft ! :shocked:

( The Mrs. musta told him to put all his kits up there )

He says in the eBay listing, that one of the loco wheels might have been eaten a bit.

Anyway ...

... just looking, what would I want with an obsolete rusting 19th Century death-trap of a contraption like THAT ! L:




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