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 Posted: Fri Jan 12th, 2018 03:55 am
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Tony M

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Afternoon Ken, ouch -22c I wouldn't be going outside either, think of us on my side of the world, going to be a stinke of a hot weekend, 35c degrees today 38C+ over the weekend and storms for the next three days cloud cover is rolling in humid day as well.

Lots to do inside, working on my ship plans starting on the next section after the bow section , then I will be able to start construction of the ship.

Layout is at a stand still, cool change coming in Monday 29c degrees be finishing of the new adjustable saw horses using the timber from my sons old computer deck 19mm pine timber, if they work out well will build two more replacing the saw horses, sick of tired of finding pieces of ply and old layout legs to level the modules

Since we are not moving any time soon, thinking we would have down size from the house,I am not going to cut back the layout  back at all staying at the magic 54   feet in length, width is about 23 feet, I am short a couple of curved section deck, will buy a couple  of sheets of 12mm ply not till mid March to complete the layout , saving up  spending money for another weeks holiday down the Gold Coast early March, won't be as hot.

I nearly forgot how to load the pics on as well, remembered how to do it, I use a second tab to copy pics from my gallery onto the post.
Can't wait to see your freighters pics and of course progress of your new layout, I too should of gone for a smaller layout, the problem is I love long trains, longer the better.

Do you know what country he is modelling the car ferries from, my first build is test build before starting on a complete model.

I have being busy coping all my pic folders onto my sons computer so I can use it in stead of the lap top, still need the lap top to resize pics, the program in in the lap top,still need to copy my links over some are in big folders.

Thanks Ken, what is the weather like now Ken starting to warm up.

Tony from hot down under

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