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 Posted: Fri Jan 12th, 2018 11:01 am
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Ken C

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Should be +/- 0C by Saturday.
Of the 3 ships he is looking at.

The first is a converted LST, with 3 tracks, which operated between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. He is currently working on this model.

The second is a good size double deck 6 tracks on each deck which operated between Canada and the US across Lake Ontario. IF! he builds this one, with the approach trackage and ship, that would take up his layout space.

The third one I got him hooked on is the MANCO CAPAC, which operated on Lake Titicaca in Peru, he has found a video on it, which he will let me borrow to watch. It was a dual gauge 3 track ferry.

I will restrict my ship building to a tug, I have an O scale tug, which needs to be modified to better fit as a lake tug.


Ken Clark
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