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 Posted: Sat Jan 20th, 2018 08:27 am
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Yep, it is more difficult to get stubs working right than "regular" point type switches. I try to have the "moving rails" and the running rails in the switch to be exactly in gauge and line up properly each time I throw the Caboose Hobbies groundthrows-that's all I use. BUT, hard living and other things cause the parts to NOT LINE UP sometimes. I used to not have any problems with correctly adjusted "knob & rod" controls...if I wanted to make mucho work for myself, I'd go back to that way again...but here I am, just have to watch things when the loco crawls across the joint. Thank goodness I have r/c and don't need wiring, stubs require special wiring and a DPDT to control the frog polarity when using old timey power like DC or DCC.

There ain't any tricks, just careful work and being sure the rails all line up properly. Have fun!

***Just looking at the videos Jose posted makes me damn glad that my switches ain't wired! And the dude with the expensive under table Tortise machines and the throw bars and adjustable linkages makes me glad that my KISS principle (Caboose throws) does the job!***

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