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 Posted: Thu Jan 25th, 2018 01:45 am
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Alan Sewell


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Happy New Year to all – although that seems a LONG while ago.

Apologies for not posting, but have been up and down to Edinburgh Scotland ( a 700 mile round trip from home ),
helping my daughter move and keeping the grandchildren out of the way- a full time job.
However thanks for the recent comments.

My reply on the chemical spur is that the pulp mill was built in the late 1940’s as a market pulp kraft mill.
So chemicals are caustic soda, chorine and sulphuric acid plus some cleaning chemical.
I have only two car spots and use some generic tank cars, but as I said I hope to increase this later in 2018.

I take the point about the run through Shelton to Bremerton as additional traffic,
but I tried to model the track layout at Shelton and could not make it fit.

There are a few Simpson/Shelton features.
The woods track crossing the street to enter the mill.
The engine house and dispatchers office over the creek and near the street.
The dump tracks running through the mill site.
But that is all I could fit.
The short line has more from Longview than Shelton.

In spite of the Christmas/New Year events I have done some work on roughing in the woods camp, as you can see it is not just plywood.
But I am operating it for a while before doing too much scenery.
That should start next month.

Best wishes

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