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 Posted: Thu Feb 8th, 2018 07:30 am
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Ol' No. 9 would have had plenty of room to fit a 'FlySky' receiver along with an ESC and battery.

No. 9 just received one battery, but runs fine, other than a waddle that it's seem to develop...guess it adds character.

I've given up on trying to adapt RC cars to model railroading...just too much hassle.

Sticking with 'FlySky' !

He's a poor photo of the wood form for a whaleback tender sitting on top of the Tyco tender.

The wood form still needs a little trimming and sanding.

From rail height to top of tender it stands 8' 3"

Here's an end-shot photo of a SPNG whaleback tender.

Assuming the guys standing near it are about 6'

I would say that tender stands at least 10'.

So 8' feet on my tender seems about right.

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