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 Posted: Sat Feb 10th, 2018 03:01 am
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Great plan as usual!
Wow, that would be a lot of operation!

A few suggestions/comments: you could use steeper grades and switchbacks to eliminate some tunnels.
The Gilpiin sure used switchbacks.

The Overland brass shays would handle 7% if you wanted to go that steep,
unlike the On30 Bachmanns (which someone out there HAS modified to On2).
My suggestion would be 4-6%.
Not sure about going sharper than 22-inches on curves, I wouldn't,
those Grandt-Line cars (light!) with Coronado trucks will likely need it.

I would think you could eliminate the large number of wyes but could be wrong.
I would imagine the locos were always operated with the firebox pointed downhill.

Still, its a killer plan.
Might have to add a garage to the house!
I've got a little Gilpin like module, see link below.


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