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 Posted: Tue Feb 13th, 2018 10:20 am
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On February 7-8th I made another trip to Carrizo Gorge,
and managed to hike all the way to the “big trestle”…

There is an old water tower next to the tracks at Dos Cabezas siding,
that was used to supply the steam locomotives in the days before diesels.
I stopped there and got some pics of the tower silhouetted against the stars:

In the morning I got some scenic shots at sunrise:

Then I parked as close to the tracks as possible, and started hiking:

Here's Tunnel #19:

Cactus and rocks along the track:

After passing through Tunnel #19, I entered the Gorge itself.
Here the track clings to the side of the mountains, supported by a series of trestles where the slope was too steep to carve out a ledge.
The huge Goat Canyon Trestle is visible in the distance:

The catwalk on one trestle was smashed in by fallen boulders:

The steep mountainsides are covered with ocotillos, cholla and barrel cactus, and other desert plants:

Straight sections of track are rare, as the line snakes around the mountainside:

A pair of boxcars that derailed and went over the side back in the early '70s:

Tunnel #18:

More rocks and cacti:

Tunnel #17, with the remains of a construction road above it:

Visit to see photos of the rugged and rocky In-ko-pah Railroad!
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