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 Posted: Mon Feb 19th, 2018 05:30 am
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Rick Dow

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Hi Woodie,

You mentioned: BTW Rick, if you don't wire up a layout to begin with then you might "get the drift" faster.
Necessity is the Frank Zappa of invention...or something like that.

No worry about wiring up first here, Woodie.
I'm all in with BPRC. Benchwork is bereft of wires :)

I suppose I'll wire up some 12 volt power to a couple of hard to reach turnout switch machines,
plus for fun I have also purchased a few Railcrew uncoupling devices that I hope will actually work. 

I'm awaiting an order of Rx62 Receivers from Micron plus my Battery Protection circuits,
and then I'm going to begin powering up my locomotives (or perhaps begin blowing up some boards)

Thank you, Woodie for the advice about the order of firing up.
Much appreciated.
P.S. We can get into Frank Zappa if you want to, but this is a family channel.  :)

Hi Michael

You mentioned: It runs fine under DC power, and I tested it using a 7.4 volt Li-Po battery and it chugs along at a decent speed.
I haven't done anything's pretty much just plug-and-play with the FlySky receiver plus ESC and battery.

Michael, I suppose the ESC is a mystery to me.
The Receivers I have purchased have a built-in ESC (Del Tang Rx61 and Rx62).
Obviously, the FlySky equipment appears to come with a Receiver that does not have a built-in ESC.
(or perhaps it has one that we can't utilize for model trains)

So what did you do, Michael?
Go out and purchase an ESC circuit board and then solder it in between the battery and the receiver? 
How is it wired. Are the solder pads visibly identified?

By the way, are you running your switching engines on a 2 cell LiPo or a 1 cell with a booster?

Thank You, Guys


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