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 Posted: Mon Feb 19th, 2018 06:41 am
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The 2 pairs of red & black wires emerging from the E.S.C. for the battery & motor are ...

... cable-plug is for the battery ...

... cable-socket is for the motor.

The 3-way white/red/black wires emerging from the E.S.C ...

... should be connected to the 'FlySky' receivers Channel-2, observing correct polarity.

The single pair of red/red wires emerging from the E.S.C. ...

... terminates in a cable mounted general on/off switch.

A single 3.7-Volt battery can be used ...

... with a 9-Volt 'DC-DC Step-Up Regulator'

Or just two 3.7-Volt batteries or a single 7.4-Volt battery ...

... sans 'DC-DC Step-Up Regulator'.

" they consider BPRC and unfortunately many will give up trying almost immediately "

Sadly you may well be right Rick.

Some people have the attention span of a newt ...

... and no perseverance or ability to see the job through.

Michael on the other hand, has stuck with it.

Starting with valiant experimentation using economy R.C. car parts.

Then moving up to the affordable & high-quality 'modular' 2.4 GHz 'FlySky' R.C. gear.

As you can hopefully see from the more or less very simple 'Plug n Play' wiring ...

... and as Michael says himself ...

... It aint rocket-science & you don't need an overdraft !



I recently purchased all the components needed for 1 loco on eBay ...

... for the princely sum of ... £9.10p inc. P&P !

Or current U.S. $  of 1.35 ... $12.28c inc P&P !

That was for 'FlySky' Receiver, E.S.C. Electronic Speed Controller & 2x 3.7-Volt batteries.

- - - - - - -

The reason for the 'modular' approach, is simple.

Not all R.C. applications require an E.S.C. Electronic Speed Controller.

For example, neither a glider nor sailboat have a motor, so don't require an E.S.C.

The receiver can control the glider or sailboats rudder servos directly.

On the other hand.

Some applications need very very high-power E.S.C.s.

Such as speed-boats or large racing-cars.

Things like big G-scale trains, also need quite large E.S.C.s

So you can see.

The 'FlySky' receiver is 'universal' in its application across many different uses.

A receiver with built in E.S.C. can only power things within it's limitations.

If you exceed those limitations, you toast the WHOLE BOARD ! ... not just the E.S.C.

An expensive business !!

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