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 Posted: Thu Feb 22nd, 2018 03:43 pm
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Hi Jack :wave:

Nice Post !

Jack Posted this interesting story & photo in another Thread.

Thought I'd re-Post it here as well.

" The 2-4-4-2 is one of my favorite prototype locomotives.
Soon one of the remaining ones will be operating on the Oregon Scenic Railroad a tourist line out of Tillamook, Oregon.
I had last saw it in pieces laying on the ground at Snoqualmie Falls, WA back in the middle 1960's and after all these years it finally will be operating again soon.

It was originally built for the Little River Railroad at Townsend.
TN and then later went to the Carlisle Lumber Co. at Onalaska, WA and ended up on the Deep River Logging Co. at Deep River, WA.

In 1955 it derailed while backing up on a short trestle and landed on its side in a steam bed.
Since the railroad only had a few months of work left they decided to just leave it there in the woods.

A railfan bought it from the scrappers as is and they had to remove it in pieces since by this time the tracks had been removed and there were no roads nearby.

It was Construction #33463 built in 1909 and weighed 71 tons and had a traction effort of 27,430 lbs."

Thanks Jack !




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