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 Posted: Fri Feb 23rd, 2018 06:34 am
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Tony M

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Have found another sideline hobby that mixes well with model trains, model ships, hasn't being many topics on model ships, I had to start off with a big scale, 87th scale which is hard to find the ship you want to model, built it a big challenge witch I love.

The class ship I am modelling is MSG 113 Ro, Ro vessel, has four decks with rear cargo doors, also Finn Lines has the same ship, called the Breeze class  with a few different changes, I plan to built two models first one a water line model and second a radio controlled model, was lucky to get hold of the ships plans , still wait for more plans to arrive.

The first post will have pics of the real ship, and why I switched the layout around so the bridge can be out at the front of the pergola, a pic of the bridge I be modelling and a scene  pic what got me hooked to build the model ship.

' This pic is the only pic I have of the front of the pergola where the front corner steel post showing, resizing program is on my lap top, on the deck top  which has a much larger HD to the lap top, will put the program on the deck top not in a hurry.
Next pic is why I switched the layout around putting the bridge at the front being heaps better for the Ship scene, my bridge be different to the bridge in the pic.

Last pic is what my bridge be based on single cable say bridge, yet another challenge to build, my bridge will have double track and a 14ft main span.
Stay tuned posting more pics on the model build next post today, can't do much else as it is poring rain here, well needed rain.
Tony from wet down under.

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