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 Posted: Fri Feb 23rd, 2018 10:48 am
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Tony M

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Hi Woodie, Is that like Photo-Bucket, I lost photos as well, I did away with a while back, didn't need a piggy back to  post pics now thanks to Si.

Would love to of seen a pic your steam wheeler, we have a couple that have dining tours up and down the Brisbane river.
here are to the pics of the Bow section of my ship, have to build her in four sections, length is 2.160 metres long. 

I did start work on drawing the stern made a mistake forgetting the  framework on each deck made a difference in the height.

The first pic is the side flat end line the start of the Bow shape.

Pic two is the main deck the trucks are sitting on, only a temporary deck till I draw and cut the main deck

Next pic  of the keel, the piece of 18mm square dowel will run the full length of the ship,be two square keel dowels .

This should  of being first, put some plus the line draw is the side flat end line before the curve of the bulk Head and also the bulk head is where the super structure and bridge sits on.
The raised deck is where the winches are on and the knuckle line and weather cover, will leave the cover off til I decide if I will put them in, also open windows as well, if you go back to the first two posts, the first two pics show the windows and the cover Bow.Last

Last pic showing the reinforcing of the under the raised deck and Bow keel, is going to be along build, Bow section the hardest be a lot easier the next three sections.
Tony from still wet down under, wet week end.

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