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 Posted: Thu Mar 1st, 2018 04:31 pm
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Tony M

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Thanks Woodie,for deleting the double post, I have progressed some more on the ship build , gluing the bottom onto the keel and have cut and glued one of the bow bulk heads and cut out a template for the Bow side, wasn't easy. 

The reason for the template, if you go back to the two pics of the ship there is a weather cover over the raised deck , the front of the bow will go up another 16 mm's and the the same for the cover.,I will have to shape the sides of the bow in strips,be two mm thick and the first piece has  6 mm over hang to glue a strip for the next piece to go in.

That bridge will be the one I will model, found some more pics of it even under construction and only has single cable stays in the center of the bridge, will use either 9 or 13 mm dowel, yet more planning ahead.

Cool change tomorrow 31 degrees, I have to redo the track and point on the approach module, pics to follow on my layout, was a stinker of day today still 31 degrees 6 pm at night.

I won't be rushing the build do  bit ever couple of days.
Tony from down under

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