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 Posted: Thu Mar 1st, 2018 07:35 pm
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Si. said :-

Hi Kevin :wave:

That looks about 100 :moose: s AWESOME !

You're gonna HAVE to start a New Thread with that great build underway !

Really want to hear more about it & see how you get on.

It would be great to see all the research photos & stuff in a New Thread as well.

You could probably Paste over what you have put here as a start.

Is your model HO scale Kevin ? ... You didn't actually say.

:moose: :moose: :moose: :moose: :moose:


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Monte said :-


You have hit a home run with, first you muck up.
How large a space does the complex fill?
I agree Mike’s plans are outstanding.
Do you have the complete set of Gilpin Books from Mike.

Very nice creek retaking wall.

Keep sending photos.


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( Canadian ) Ken C said :-


Just a guess, but the tall structure above the mill could have been a transformer building.
The H fitting appears to have power lines going to it.
From what I've seen of various mill's, the transformer building or yard were usually located away from the main building's.


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Kevin Fall said :-

Thanks guys!

I model in HOn3 with HOn3 for the Gilpin tracks for the mill.
From end to end the model takes up 3 feet 7 inches or a little over 109 cm for the rest of the world.

I will try to post on another thread that I had already started but in the wrong location because I didn't know what I was doing.

I don't have any of the Gilpin books from Mike,
just some plans but am relying on reference from the two Gilpin books and Keith's thread.


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Hi Kevin :wave:

I moved your original Thread into the 'HO Narrow Gauge' Forum HERE. :thumb:

Also pasted your Post with photos in ^^ above for you.

Also pasted in your replies above ^^ here as well.

You can of course EDIT any Posts, if you wish.

I just pasted over what you'd done, as a good start. :cool:

Please Post LOTS MORE as well.

I'm sure we could all stand to see many more angles & descriptions from your ACE mock-up !

If you want to change the TITLE and SUB-TITLE of the Thread, just ask.

You might have some different ideas now.

Personally I like to see full names like 'Colorado & Southern', not just C&S.

Just me though, maybe you think the same, let us know.

Looks good to me !! :)

All the best.




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