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 Posted: Fri Mar 2nd, 2018 08:05 pm
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Nice Guy Eddie

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I was keen to get the stats up quickly this month

Ive been working on my new system for this years trip to Vegas

I am almost certain I cant go wrong this time !

Figured out that February is a bit of an odd month

10% less days than some other months

Page views for the last few years

357,132   February   2015

382,708   February   2016

416,727   February   2017

476,410   February   2018

Less page views than last months 527,397

But if there had been 31 days it would have been 527,454

Thats in fact as it turns out 57 more page views than last month

They havent got a chance against me in Vegas this year

This guy aint coming off the rails there this time youll see

My new system is even better than smart $$$ outside flanges !



" We Got Places All Over The Place "

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