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 Posted: Sat Mar 3rd, 2018 12:05 am
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Hi Jason,

The answer is I cheated!
I have grouped all steps in the following photo.

I first bought three dry stacked stone walls from New England Brownstone (
like the small wall in the photo.
All of his products have the most realistic stone castings I have seen.
I used the Dry Stacked Wall (small) for HO but the Dry Stacked Wall (large) has larger stones and would be appropriate for larger scales.

I glued them together in a straight line on a section of track where I intend to have a straight stone retaining wall.
I then filled in the gaps where the pieces joined and carved to make it appear as one wall.

Next I made a latex rubber casting of the long wall in the same way as making a rock mold casting.
I found the radius of the wall I needed for the track which in this case was a 20º curve.
I carved the curve out of foam insulation for a pattern,
making sure I had a slight angle to the wall so I wouldn't have a 90º vertical wall when finally in place.
Hard to see in the photo but the usable part is on the bottom side.
I took the latex casting and placed it on top of the 20º curve,
poured in some Hydrocal and let it set overnight so that it would not break when I took the casting out of the latex mold.

Then I glued a curved section onto the base followed by another curved section and a straight,
and I think another curved section section, patched between sections and done.

There is additional stone wall in front of the higher track wall you can see in some of the photos Keith posted.
The top of the lower wall runs into a large rock.
The top of that wall is not finished with a straight cap like the top of the track wall.

Hope that helps and hope this gets posted before I lose power.
Nor'easter in progress outside with 50 - 60 mph winds.
Power already lost a 1/2 mile away.

Si, you can change the subtitle from C&S/Gilpin to Colorado & Southern/Gilpin.

Happy modeling!


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