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 Posted: Sat Mar 3rd, 2018 02:56 am
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Tony M

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Afternoon Ken, With the bridge super structure taken off and the funnel off the hull should fit inside the car with the back seat folding down,

I will need two of those wind screen wiper motors, will have find out what size motors for the two thrusts at the bow, like to have them powered as well, big question is where to get hold of scale props be hard in 87 scale, closed scale is either 72nd or 100th scales

Now the bow template has worked out well , the fun Belgians in working out the knuckle line and bow weather cover, the hardest is the angle bit be a challenge, as you see in the pic, I want to make the weather cove be able to lift off to get to the LED lights and winches.
those storage boxes I got my trains in, I have bought other cardboard boxes that fit inside them mainly for the large boxes wither I have a full train in them making it easier to get the carriages or wagons out.
Tony  from down under

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