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- Radio Control -
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 Posted: Sun Aug 9th, 2020 03:53 pm
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Joined: Sun Jan 27th, 2013
Location: Florida USA
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I hear ya' about the telephone signals,
I was surprised to find out about 220 V ring tones!

Many continuous rotation servo control boards will work as reversible ESCs,
since that is mostly what they are. 

I have used analog ones for this purpose, but I see some digital ones are available too. 
Pololu, Servo City, Adafruit, and even Amazon have these servos.


Monorail modelers have a one track mind.
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 Posted: Sun Aug 9th, 2020 04:17 pm
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Michael M

Joined: Thu Jan 26th, 2017
Location: San Bernardino, California USA
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Ya gotta look out for those phone lines... 48 volts there.
Installing wall telephones always seemed to get me. 

With four wires coming out I would often inadvertently brush my arm across the wires and get a nice little shock. 
One is not bad, but if you do it half a dozen times in a day, you get a little jerky.

When I first started doing BPRC I was pulling boards out of cheap RC cars. 
Managed to fry a few boards.

I like the Loco Genies because they're small and easy to install, and work in a more prototypical fashion. 
Regular RC seems to give a much faster response from the transmitter.

These micro receivers seem to be the answer to the size problem,
if I can just find one that will fit my needs, and price.

Nye, Inyo & Esmeralda Railroad
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