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The Mogollon Railway
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 Posted: Sat Jul 15th, 2017 05:38 pm
1461st Post

Joined: Thu Feb 23rd, 2012
Location: London
Posts: 4203
Howdy Woodie :f:

Needless to say ...

... I'd like to tie PhotoBuckets Execs. to the track ...

... & run a large ore-train back & forth over them a few times ...

... & serve their greedy minced burger-meat to hungry dogs !!

The good news is though ...

... as of PAGE-57 ...

... Woodie started using the Freerails Members Gallery to Post pix. :cool:

So only about 1/3 of the Mogollon Railway Thread is affected.

:bg: The last 2/3 from PAGE-57 to PAGE-146 seems to be OK ! :bg:

Perhaps a note should be added to PAGE-1 POST-1 explaining this.

What do you think Woodie ?

I am for one VERY PLEASED to see, that most of your GREAT THREAD has survived.

:moose: :moose: :moose: :moose: :moose:



' Mysterious Moose Mountain ' - 1:35n2 - pt.II

' M:R:W Motor Speedway !!! ' - 1:32 Slotcar Racing Layout
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 Posted: Sat Jul 15th, 2017 06:11 pm
1462nd Post
Daniel Osvaldo Caso

Joined: Sun Aug 5th, 2007
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Posts: 166
Well, Woodie, it is a bit as if once Bible was stolen.

Nevertheless,of a Bible the essential is not to own the book but to reach the treasure inside oneself using the pointers from the book.
In that sense I am sure I have learnt a mountain of unforgettable stuff from you and this thread and even if Internet would vanish I couldn't loose it.
So, once more, thank you Master for all that inspiration.

Extract from "THE FOUR STEPS METHOD" by Ching Pang Tsè:
" 1) bCalm down.
2) Calm down.
3) Calm down.
4) first calm down."
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 Posted: Sat Jul 15th, 2017 09:28 pm
1463rd Post
W C Greene

Joined: Fri May 4th, 2007
Location: Royse City, Texas USA
Posts: 7711
Howdy Daniel, naaw, I didn't write a "bible", just a thread on what I built. Thanks for the praise however. As I wrote, I no longer deal with photo hosting websites, preferring to send my pix here to this site and then it is an easy job to post them without WWW/HTTP jadda the little icon twice and pray it works. But then, that's just me, I value old ways.

I'll be around...or a square!

PS-Senior Si, thanks for fixing the thread and to hell with Pornobucket!

It doesn't matter if you win or lose, its' how you rig the game.
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