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1:32 Laser Coach Kit
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 Posted: Fri Jun 2nd, 2017 07:51 pm
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Joined: Mon Aug 8th, 2011
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Thank you for posting the links to your pictures. I have learned a lot about carving foam just from looking. I'm building a Spanish mission out of foam and now have some new ideas. Question: How do you model the Spanish tile barrel roof? Woodie mentioned some castings he received on his thread, but how did you create the master for the castings? 
Thank you. Stephen. 

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 Posted: Fri Jun 2nd, 2017 09:01 pm
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Daniel Osvaldo Caso

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Hi Stephen

Great that the links were useful to you.

The mold that I've sent to Woodie was made by me in silicone rubber from a friend's casting made from an old, no more in production, MK-35 resin roof.
Sadly, I seem to have lost both, Woodie's an my own mold now and am stuck with a whole number of building waiting for roofs that only God knows if will come an if so when.
The only alternative I know is to cast your own individual tiles in a special, incredible hard plaster using the molds from Diorama Debris (see link below).
The problem is that an average roof needs so many tiles that I would need ten times the best of my patience to complete one roof.
I bought it. I tried it. The tiles are an absolute beauty far better than MK-35's; but is rivet counter's work.
About 1/3 to half the castings break while removing them from the mold with tweezers. Not for me. (If you want the mold you may have it for half it's price + posting costs).
I will wait a week more to see what happens with Woodie and if that doesn't works I will make flat roof tiles for my buildings.
But if you are in the US you could ask Woodie to cast one roof for you so you can get a mold from it and cast as many as you want.


These are only part of the buildings that should get their Spanish tile roofs

P1820295 by d.caso, on Flickr

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