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The top of the range Digitrax controller [ DT402R] has every thing you could want for except a on off switch.

This controller has a 9 volt battery that goes flat after about 3 hours if the battery is left in the unit.  To this end a on/off switch can be fitted but will more than likely do away with the warranty.

The 9 volt batteries are not cheap locally.  I purchased from Hong Kong via ebay and the cost for 4 rechargeable batteries, a charger and delivery to Australia for $16.00. Good buying.

I have numbered the batteries so as to keep track of the charged and flat ones.

Shame on Digitrax not installing a ON/OFF switch. Most of the folks I know have sent emails to Digitrax and like me have not had a reply.

That aside I still like Digitrax. I suppose its what you feel comfortable with.



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I agree once again Don and I did install a small slide switch in mine but even more anoying to me is the non-detachable short cable coming out the top that catches on all of the scenery and bill boxes around the layout.

I got rid of the Radio and am now teathered.

I found the MRC radio to be fall better than Digitrax.

IMHO , Mike


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My first system was a Digitrax and I have changed over to NCE.  Their radio throttle does have an on/off function, and will power down after several minutes if you forget to shut it off.  It has a short antenna on top, or there is a modification to remove it and replace it with an internal antenna.  Having used both versions I fnd that the short antenna does not bother me. 



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